The Columbia Valley's Finest Properties

It is water that defines the Columbia Valley;

From the headwaters of the Columbia River in Canal Flats at the south end of the Valley, to Lake Windermere in the centre, and the majestic Columbia River delta that flows through Brisco at the Valley's north end. The Columbia River links our communities all together to form the popular outdoor recreation playground known as the Columbia Valley.

For many, the Columbia Valley is defined by its anchoring hot springs communities; Radium Hot Springs and Fairmont Hot Springs each offering natural mineral hot springs to the public for a rejuvinating experience.

Surrounding all the water in the Valley you will find plenty to love, see, do, and experience!

Living in the Columbia Valley is easy;

It's all about choices for real estate in the Columbia Valley for full-time or part-time lifestyles. Whether you are seeking fractional real estate in a luxury town home, duplex or condo; or you want to build your own home on an oversized lot; or dream of a ranch of your own, you can own it here. Your choices continue with five communities in the Columbia Valley; Canal Flats, Fairmont Hot Springs, Windermere, Invermere and Radium Hot Springs; each offering its own uniqueness and real estate development choices.

View the Columbia Valley's finest properties all together on one website.  Perhaps the biggest choice you'll get to make once you live in the Columbia Valley is what to do, see and experience each day!


The game of golf brings thousands of visitors to the Columbia Valley each year, with a golf season that starts around the end of March and goes until the end of October, as well as nine 18 hole courses - two of which are ranked in the top 100 in Canada  - it is easy to see why golf is a major attraction in the Valley. Plus, how about golfing and skiing in the same day? It happens here!

Sparkling gems called Columbia Lake and Lake Windermere, whose water temperature in the summer tops 21C degrees, offer visitors every possible water sport – swimming, beach access, stand up paddle boarding, water skiing, wake boarding, power boating, fishing, kayaking and more! The meandering Columbia River also provides fun seekers the opportunity to rent a tube and float from one lake to the other, and along the way take in a variety of sights.


Are you more of a thrill seeker? There’s plenty for you too – try hang-gliding off Mt. Swansea, mountain bike one of many local trails, hike to soaring vistas (or great views, like the Hoodoos), hop on an ATV and check out the immense backcountry or take on rapids with a rafting trip down Toby Creek. Whatever your thrill you can experience it here. 

Wildlife enthusiasts will love this Valley - world class bird watching, bighorn sheep on Radium’s main street, whitetail and mule deer wandering Invermere’s downtown, black and grizzly bears in the backcountry, wild turkeys in farmer’s fields all add up to something for everyone to see and discover.